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Wow, am I slack or what?!

Great movie, if you haven't seen it, it's wonderful. Old skule Austin at its finest.

Here it’s been months since I started a new job, got back into martial arts, battling a chronic cough and moving in all sorts of new and exciting directions in my life- you’d think I could stop a bit and share some cool stuff on my blog… of course, you’d be wrong, QED.

Anyway, news to come of a new travelblog my lovely wife Jeanette and I are putting together. Don’t believe she’s lovely? just look at her! she’s gorgeous- [pic to follow]

We both love to travel- though lately she’s been doing all the fun travel. Over the past few years I was doing all the business travel. Spending time on both coasts and even the Caribbean (it’s not nearly as much fun to work there as you’d imagine).

Hoping to put together an entertaining and informative podcast that will likely alternate between audio and video segments.

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